Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indian Premier League ( IPL ) Rockzz!!!!

The Indian Premier League, IPL just rocks!!
Yet another reason for cricket lovers to enjoy!! The IPL has come out with the list of teams for the T20 series scheduled to begin in the month of april 2008.. The board has given a set of rules while selecting the players, which includes:

* Each team can have a maximum of 16 players..

* Of these 16, a maximum of 8 foreign players and a minimum of 4 under-22 players must be selected..

* Four players from the catchment area where the team is based..

Fulfiling all the above mentioned criteria, the various teams have their own list of players which was selected on a bidding basis.. The various contesting teams are Chennai(Chennai Super Kings) owned by India Cements, Bangalore (Bangalore Royal Chalengers) owned by Vijay Mallya, Delhi(Delhi Dare Devils) owned by GMR group, Hyderabad owned by Deccan Chronicle, Kolkata owned by Shahrukh Khan, Mohali by Preity Zinda, Mumbai by Mukesh Ambani and Jaipur by Emerging media..

The players for these teams were selected on a bidding basis and in this regard, M.S.Dhoni has become the highest paid player with a salary of $1500000, and he is playing for Chennai Super Kings.. With several other players worldwide, like Warne, Muralidharan, Kallis etc.. the IPL has set up several expectations in the hearts of millions!!

Adding to the list of selected players, each team has one player as the ICON player whose salary is 15% more than the salary of the highest paid player in the team.. The panel of Icon players include Sachin, Yuvi, Ganguly, Sehwag and Dravid..

With all these mind blowing aspects, the IPL is ready to launch the series of matches and as a cricket lover, am eagerly waiting to witness the stars playing!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A.R.Rahman's music school!!!!!

The dreams of several millions is going to come true in a short span!! I recently came to know about A.R's idea to open a music school!!

It seems that, A.R. is going to launch a music school very shortly, to nurture young minds with the musical gift.. He calls this to be his dream coming true!! His idea behind this is to create a well reputed and a top class music school.. In this regard he has even selected a place near Chennai Airport, where the construction works will be proceeded..

In his words,
"I feel young talented musicians in our country, specially those who want to learn Western classical music, have nowhere seriously creative to go. We need to cultivate a taste for Western symphonic music so that an average musically-inclined young musician would be as enthused about learning the violin as the star.. " - - A.R.Rahman

He also adds " We'll soon be working round-the-clock. I want it to be one of the best music schools in our country"!!!!

With this act of starting a music school, Thala has entered into another dimension of becoming a teacher!! As everyone knows, Thala rocks in whatever he does and so is the music school.. With lots of expectations, i extend my heart felt wishes to his new endeavour!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Interface2k8 !!

Interface2k8..- Here is an opportunity for young talented brains to express yourself!!

Very recently my friend Saravanan(a very close friend of mine) told me about the technical symposium conducted bt C.I.T, where he is doing his third year in Computer Science dept.. As we all know, C.I.T is one of the highly reputed institutions and i think, this is a nice opportunity for all Engg. students to expose their talents.. To know more about it, check out

All that you need to do is, just register yourself and take part in several online events.. Follow the link and Rock On!!!!

Munbe Vaa..- The song with a Difference!!

As we all know, the song Munbe Vaa from the movie Sillunu Oru Kadhal is an evergreen melody.. Always fresh and melting!!

As an ardent fan of A.R.Rahman, i just love almost all his creations.. But then, what made me write about this song in particular is that, i feel there is something more than just music in it.. We always have a set of songs which will take you through some precious memories.. And this is one such song for me.. When this movie was on the screens, we had immense craze about this song.. Infact, we have listened to this song for hours together.. Even today the song remains fresh and heart provoking!!

One more thing, that adds spice to the song is its picturisation.. Surya just rocks in it!! His style and expreesions just adds beauty to the song.. From the cinematic point of view, this song has its own uniqueness that, no other song has its starting with the phrase 'Munbe Vaa'..

On the whole, the heart throbbing song is a gift to kollywood cinema and thanks to A.R. for fetching such a masterpiece!!!!