Monday, June 16, 2008

Dasavatharam - Three Hours of Kamal Hassan!!!!

Legend actor Kamal Hassan's latest movie Dasavatharam, with Kamal playing 10 different roles, has his presence in almost all the frames!! And it is possible only for an actor like him to dare such an attempt.. He really rocks rocks and rockzzzzz throughout!!!!!!

Nevertheless, the movie becomes grand because of Kamal's outstanding performance!! This movie is surely a treat for all cinema lovers.. But the fact in it is that, the team could have concentrated more in the story line which proves to be a bit lengthy.. It is infact the screenplay which requires more attention.. Also, just for the sake of making a record to perfrom 10 roles, two characters irrelevant to the main stream has been introduced.. Of course, Kamal rocks even in those two roles, but the pace of the movie gets disturbed with it..

One more factor missing for the movie is a proper background score.. The story becomes handicapped without a proper bgm, and obviously it makes us feel the absence of A.R. for this movie.. Another weak limb for the movie is the unwanted usage of a cheaper graphics here and there, which irritates to a greater extent!! In particular, the scenes potraying the 12th century and the climax, are really cartoony!!

The main thing to be appreciated, apart from Kamal's performance, is the work of the director and more particularly the make up man!! At certain occassions we couldnt even believe that the man out there is Kamal Hassan!! such was the make up brilliance.. Also the closing credits was appreciable and different too!!

On the whole, the movie is a different, rather a worthy, attempt and requires appreciation.. And it is Kamal Hassan who deserves all the credits for the movie!! It is his performance, which even masks the various flaws in the movie and has made it a worth watch!!

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VJ said...

I liked the movie like anything da..
Kamal simply rocks..5 of his roles were like some other actor portraying some different characters.Such was the uniqueness that kamal got to those roles...He is a real pro.

And ya i agree with you over the cheap graphics.They are irritating.I am ok with the bgm tough.

We also need to appreciate Asin.She has done well.

Bottom line:: Dasa is awesome.Kamal Rocks.He deserves more laurel than that he has got now.